Millions of people across the country have lost one or more teeth — some struggle with the inconvenience and discomfort of missing teeth, while others struggle with dentures that don’t quite fit right. If you’re searching for another solution, dental implants could offer the comfort and ease you’ve been waiting for.

Helotes Family Dentistry offers complete dental implant services, which includes placement of the implant, the natural-looking restoration, denture stabilization with implants, and mini dental implants. Ask our team about your options and how you can give your smile a second chance with implant dentistry!

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Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

There are many reasons why patients prefer dental implants and doctors recommend them over other tooth replacement options. Here are some of the main advantages of dental implants:

Dental implants are secured in place like the roots of natural teeth, which means they feel the same way as your other teeth when you chew. You won’t have to change your routine when it comes to cleaning your teeth, eating, or speaking.

Another advantage to them being anchored in place is that they’re a more permanent tooth loss solution offering long-term value.

Dental implants aren’t removable, which means you don’t have to take them out every day or buy special products to properly clean them. You can brush and floss them as you would your other teeth.

It isn’t just about convenience and appearance with dental implants. They also help maintain your dental health by preventing bone loss in the jaw and stopping your nearby teeth from moving into the gaps in our smile (which can negatively affect your bite alignment).

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About the Dental Implants Procedure

The standard dental implants procedure takes place over two stages. The first is the placement phase where we insert the dental implant, which looks similar to a small screw. This is the piece that acts like an artificial tooth root. We then let that area heal before we complete the second phase: the attachment of the restoration. The restoration is the part that resembles the appearance of an actual tooth, oftentimes this is a dental crown.

Denture stabilization is a variation of this procedure where we place a few dental implants (rather that one for every tooth) and then attach dentures to them. The result is dentures that fit more comfortably and won’t slip around on you.

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Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants mainly depends on the condition of your oral health and how many teeth you will be replacing. To get an accurate estimate, we recommend coming in for a dental implants consultation at our office so we can provide an initial exam and determine what’s best for your specific needs.

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