Why Is It Important to Take My Toddler to the Dentist?

At Helotes Family Dentistry, we believe that it’s never too early to begin a lifetime of good oral hygiene. In fact, even before your children develop their first teeth, you should be gently cleaning their gums after each meal. Children should visit the dentist by age one, or once their first tooth appears. After all, the sooner they begin seeing Dr. Brigman and the rest of our team regularly, the better oral health they’ll enjoy throughout their lives.

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Caring for Toddler Teeth

Just like adult teeth, your toddler needs a good oral hygiene routine to ensure that their mouths stay healthy. Our team is happy to provide a demonstration on the best way to brush young teeth – just ask us during your next visit! Just be sure that you’re using a soft-bristled brush that’s small enough to comfortably clean their teeth and gums.

Toddler-Specific Issues

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes that more than 40 percent of kids have tooth decay by the time they get to kindergarten, making tooth decay the most common chronic disease among children in the U.S. Often, the unique challenges of feeding a toddler contribute to the high rate of tooth decay they experience. For example, we often find more cavities in our young patients who fall asleep with a bottle of milk or juice.

Not only can our team provide specific advice to parents of toddlers concerned with their oral health, we are able to spot any potential issues before they develop into more serious problems. For example, if we notice early signs of tooth decay, we can work to treat and minimize the decay.

Early, positive experiences with Dr. Brigman will set your child up for a lifetime of both confidence in the dentist and healthy teeth. To ask our team any other questions or to schedule your next visit, contact us today!

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