Benefits of Straighter Teeth

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For many patients, straighter teeth are an important part of their dream smile. But did you know that straighter teeth can improve more than just the appearance of your smile? Read on to learn about the benefits of straighter teeth.

  1. Better Bite Alignment
  2. People often get their teeth straightened because they have malocclusion or a misaligned bite. This condition is caused by jaws that don’t quite meet properly or teeth that are crowded, protruding, or crooked. You can inherit malocclusion or it could be caused by premature tooth loss, an accident, or even prolonged thumbsucking. If malocclusion is not addressed, you could experience difficulty eating and painful dental issues in the future, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or sensitivity and decay from eroded enamel. Straightening your teeth to correct malocclusion can help prevent these complications.

  3. Easier Oral Health Maintenance
  4. Another benefit of straighter teeth is that your oral health will be improved. When you have crooked or crowded teeth, it can be hard to properly brush and floss your teeth. Unfortunately, the tight spaces between your teeth are a perfect hiding spot for food debris and plaque. You might not be able to reach between the teeth to dislodge food or brush away bacteria that will accumulate into enamel-destroying plaque. Straighter teeth will allow you to brush and floss thoroughly, thereby reducing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease (as long as you maintain good dental health practices at home and visit us every six months for a professional dental cleaning).

  5. Protection for Your Overall Health
  6. By improving your oral health, straighter teeth will also improve your overall health. Teeth and gums that are easier to keep clean are less likely to have an abundance of bad oral bacteria that could be inhaled into your lungs, causing respiratory issues, or transferred into your bloodstream, contributing to body inflammation and heart disease. Think of the mouth as a gateway to your body–imagine all of the things that could go wrong if there is infection in the port of entry! Additionally, with a clean and healthy mouth, you’re less likely to experience mouth sores, bleeding gums, bad breath, and tooth loss.

  7. Confidence Boost
  8. Straighter teeth will lead to a boost in your self-esteem. If you have crooked teeth, you may find yourself covering your mouth or trying not to smile around people because you’re embarrassed by your misaligned teeth. With straighter teeth, smiling will become one of your favorite things because you’ll look so terrific! When you feel good about the way you look, it’s easier to focus on other things instead of stressing about your appearance, and you’re much more likely to put yourself out there in social situations.

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