Foods That Are Notorious for Cracking Teeth

If you’ve ever cracked a tooth, you know the shock that comes with it. One moment you’re enjoying a snack, the next moment you’re in desperate need of a visit to our office. Read our blog post to learn what foods you should watch out for to avoid cracking a tooth.

The Best Ways to Teach Your Kids to Floss

Just like brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, flossing every day is an important part of any oral hygiene routine. It is important to instill these habits in kids from a young age to ensure that their teeth develop healthy and strong. Read our blog post for tips to help teach your kids how to floss.

Can Dental Plaque Benefit Me?

Our team spends a lot of our time fighting the buildup of plaque on teeth. Read our blog post where we take a closer look at plaque and determine if it’s ever beneficial. Don’t forget to visit us soon for a cleaning!

Is Fluoride Safe for Children?

One of the most common questions we get from parents is about the safety of fluoride for their young kids. Read our blog post to learn about the benefits of fluoride for children. Schedule a checkup for your children today!

5 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

If you’ve ever experienced sensitive teeth, you know that the experience can range from annoying to downright painful. Read our blog post for common causes of tooth sensitivity as well as ways to ease sensitivity. Contact us if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity!

Who Developed Modern Dentistry?

Dentistry has come a long way since the ancient Sumerians referred to “tooth worms” as the cause of tooth decay around 5000 BC. Read our blog post for interesting facts about the evolution of modern dentistry. Schedule and appointment soon to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology we use to ensure your oral health!
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