Celebrating National Dental Hygienists Week

Brunette dental hygienist wearing white scrubs during National Hygienists Week

Taking place the second week of April, National Hygienists Week is a week to celebrate all of the hard work that dental hygienists do. To fully appreciate the work of your dental hygienist, let’s go through what their job entails.

About Dental Hygienists

First, let’s talk about who dental hygienists are. A dental hygienist must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene program and pass board and clinical exams before they can treat any patients. After meeting these requirements, they are licensed dental professionals who help protect patients’ teeth and gums by preventing and treating oral health issues in conjunction with a licensed dentist. At routine dental visits, dental hygienists also educate patients about how to improve their at-home oral care routine and other oral health habits.

What a Dental Hygienist Does Every Day

A day in the life of a dental hygienist includes many oral healthcare assessments and cleanings. They review patients’ dental health history, examine dental X-rays to help the dentist identify any issues, and thoroughly clean plaque and tartar from teeth and gumlines. that will further allow them to examine a patient’s teeth and determine if there are any dental issues. Moreover, a dental hygienist can apply sealants and fluoride treatments to a patient’s teeth, educate patients on proper brushing and flossing technique, administer nitrous oxide sedation, and more!

Where Dental Hygienists Work

Dental hygienists can work in a variety of health care settings, from public health clinics to dental offices, hospitals to schools, correctional facilities to nursing homes. Besides being a clinician who administers cleanings and more, dental hygienists can also carry out administrative functions.

Advice From a Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist would tell you that you need to practice good oral health habits every day. That means brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, flossing at least once a day, using fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your tooth enamel, drinking plenty of water, chewing only sugar-free gum, and eating a nutritious diet. They’d also tell you to come visit the dentist’s office for a cleaning and checkup every six months.

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