Foods to Avoid with Braces

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Traditional braces are a worthwhile investment to correct misaligned teeth but they can mean changes to your lifestyle. You’ll need to commit to making regular visits to our office and extra care is needed when brushing and flossing. Adjustments to your eating habits might also be necessary because there are some foods to avoid with braces. Read on to learn more about how to properly care for your braces.

About Your Braces

Traditional braces are constructed of metal brackets, wires, and rubber-bands. They are orthodontic appliances that are meant to last, but they are also malleable so that they can be adjusted over time. Some foods can weaken the structure of your braces or interact with them negatively. Other foods can also damage your teeth or leave you susceptible to staining, plaque, or cavities. This is why wearing braces will require some vigilance on your part when it comes to diet and lifestyle.

Foods to Avoid With Braces

Chewy foods like bagels, caramels, hard rolls, or sticky candy are especially hard on braces and should be avoided. It’s also a good idea to stay away from hard candy and gum. Ice is another thing that can damage braces and teeth. Popcorn might seem harmless enough but the un-popped kernels hiding in that handful of buttery popcorn can really do a number on brackets and teeth. Foods that you have to bite directly into can cause problems with your braces and make your teeth especially difficult to clean. You can still enjoy corn on the cob if you carefully slice the kernels off the cob, and you can also enjoy a nice crispy apple if you cut it into thin slices. We also recommend keeping sugary foods to a minimum to avoid the formation of cavities and plaque. Also take note that the discoloration caused by staining foods like coffee and wine can be worse with braces.

Caring For Your Braces

The special care you take of your teeth and braces will pay off when your misaligned teeth gradually become your dream smile. You’ll need to brush after eating every day, using a gentle circular motion and an angled approach to get in-between teeth. You can also use an interdental brush to get a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to floss daily, threading the floss in between teeth. If you have any questions, give us a call or ask at your next appointment. We want to make sure you feel that you have all the tools you need to comfortably wear your braces with confidence. We are here to help!

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