5 Dental Bridge Health Benefits

Model showing a dental bridge

Are you considering getting a dental bridge to literally bridge that gap in your smile? While regaining a beautiful, full arch of teeth is certainly a major benefit of a dental bridge, it’s not the only one. Along with its cosmetic benefits, a dental bridge also brings with it certain other advantages.

1. Prevent Teeth Misalignment

When you’re missing a tooth, the nearby teeth may begin shifting toward the open space. When that happens, it can affect the whole alignment of your smile. If you’ve had orthodontic work done in the past, the thought of all that work straightening things out going to waste is particularly upsetting! With a dental bridge, you can make sure teeth are held in their proper positions.

2. Easier Chewing

Your teeth aren’t just there to make your smile look pretty! If you’re missing one, you may find that it’s not as easy to chew certain things as it once was. You may even feel like you need to change your diet to avoid that discomfort. Having a dental bridge in place means you can continue to chew like normal, which can help with proper digestion and allows you to keep on eating your favorite things.

3. Redistribute Biting Force

Having a missing tooth can change the way force is distributed when you bite, putting more pressure on other teeth and potentially leading to issues with your jaw joints. A dental bridge can help redistribute that force by filling in the empty space and prevent jaw pain.

4. Stimulate Jawbone Health

Did you know that when you lose a tooth your jawbone can start to deteriorate? This is because the tooth root acts to stimulate the bone and keep it healthy. While the story is a little bit different with traditional bridges, implant-supported dental bridges contribute to your jawbone health by having the implant post act as a natural tooth root. Our dentists have placed many dental implants and helped patients maintain the integrity of their jawbone.

5. Maintain Facial Shape

There are numerous reasons why jawbone health is important. When your jawbone is healthy, it helps retain your facial shape. Sometimes, people who are missing teeth may find that their face looks like it’s saggier or older. An implant-supported dental bridge that stimulates the jawbone can work to keep your face looking more youthful.

Dental Bridges in Helotes, TX

We provide both dental bridges and full dentures along with dental implants at Helotes Family Dentistry. If you have any further questions about what this restorative treatment can do for you, don’t be shy. We’re happy to help you decide which of the many options would best fit your goals and budget! We offer a number of payment options to make your dental bridge affordable. If you’d like to schedule a bridge consultation, call or click the link below to set up a visit.

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